Vanilla Confectionery

True flavour ... a real experience

For years, we have been pursuing the path of a fair confectionery , based only on natural and highest quality ingredients.
Instead of ready-made confectionery blends, mixes, and powders, we chose the best and simplest raw ingredients.

We make all our jams ourselves from selected fruit, in order to be absolutely sure that they are healthy and delicious.
And most importantly we do not use fragrances, stabilizers and flavour enhancers – we believe they are not needed for rich recipes cakes.

Our confectioners prepare cakes, pies, tarts and many other delicacies with passion and attention to every detail.
Constantly we create new treats to surprise even the most demanding customers.

Please check our offer...

Our offer is changing with the seasons, in the spring and summer is dominated by fruit tarts and tartelettes. In winter and autumn you are welcome to try poppyseed cake scented with cinnamon and orange peel. We also take orders for pies and cakes . We encourage you to read the detailed offer for pastries and wedding cakes. For more information please call 81 536 67 34 or send an email to: